Notes from the Margins #3

16 05 2011

So, Saliva was on all of last week, and it was a huge success. Audience response was amazing; ranging from the massively complimentary to people opening weeping in the theatre at the piece to the last four nights of the six night run being completly sold out. Thanks so much to my director Emma Weafer, and my actors Shani Williams and Grace Kelley. Also, much to my delight, we managed to record one of the performances on video, so any theatre professionals interested in seeing it, please feel free to contact me.

Also, Saliva got a great review, which I’ve transcribed below:

Tarot, secrets, lust and taboo make for mouth-watering intrigue in Mark Ward’s latest offering “Saliva“. This dark tale is of the daughter of a recently deceased celebrity being incarcerated against her will by her late Mother’s former mystical confident. What unfolds is a tale of mythology and mystery. Well directed (and lit) by Emma Weafer, the dialogue is intense and totally focussed in its delivery by the “Angelica Houston like” Shani Williams (Polly) – sexy and striking in black. Her young subject is Glau (Grace Kelley), a a perfect ingenue whose familial connection will be used by the occult to communicate with her dead mother through a tarot reading. This atmospheric script is a litter overdone on the mythology but the dialogue is plausible and defined on the core dramatic purpose. The characters are plausible and the story is well told by this accomplished young shorts playwright. The achievement of creating a powerful atmosphere is jointly shared by this talented company and their stylish and atmospheric short play.

Having been kicking some ideas around, I’m hoping to extend both The Middle Distance and Saliva, and I’d say these will be my main creative projects for the next while.

But, before that; CORK! I can’t believe I neglected to mention this on this blog of all blogs (what can I say, I’ve been busy) but The Middle Distance is going to Cork. We’ve been accepted into Solstice which is a four day event/festival, being shown as part of the larger Cork Midsummer Festival.

Expect many more posts about it as the date of our performance (Saturday 18th June at 4.30pm) approaches. We’re going on tour, baby!

Below, please the schedule for Solstice. I note, with great glee, that our category is Risqué Afternoon, which is further described as being for our more daring productions to keep you talking.