Notes from the Margins #4

11 09 2011


So, Saliva, went down a treat at the Gay Theatre Festival in May (see its page , or the previous update for the lovely review we got) and a few short weeks later, A Stint In Your Spotlight travelled down to Cork and the Solstice Festival.

And what a wonderful experience it was. I was down there on my own for a few days, as the others couldn’t make it until the weekend (having experienced how great it was, one of my actors said to me, that if he gets the chance to do it again, he’s making sure he can come down for the whole time), which I thought would be nerve-wracking, but in fact was wonderful; everyone was had that first day of school vibe and all went out, and saw plays, and shows together, despite the fact that we’d just met a couple of hours previously! Those nights are always the best. Not forgetting the days, and evenings, spent investigating all the art and exhibitions and installations in the café space they had!

And the shows I saw there; the quality of them was phenomenal. Stand-out shows for me include Dan Canham’s 30 Cecil Street, a dance piece so intelligent, so intuitive, so fresh that it took my breath away; Wildebeest’s A Different Animal which was one of the most beautifully constructed, and suspense-filled, two handers I’ve ever seen (I was incredibly jealous); and of course, my mate Skinni Colin and the F.E.L.C.H. boys, rocking around the venue at 6pm, as if it were Glastonbury.

Solstice wasn’t just a chance to put on a show, but it was an artist’s residency. I learned loads, had a space to express myself (both the show, and in their various artist only events like their symposiums and their fantastic Solstice Dreaming events – part of me knows that the giant tree I drew in big black marker on the wall as part of the Dreaming is probably gone by now, but I really, really hope it isn’t!), but it was a great chance to network. I’ve had at least one possibility of working with someone on a show we pulled out of thin air in a pub. It’s that kind of event. Anyway, THEY BETTER HAVE SOLSTICE 2 NEXT YEAR *ahem*, YOU HEAR? ie. Thanks so much Solstice Guys for being so lovely and awesome! </gushing>

Since then, I haven’t been upto much (see previous statement, something about the summer DISAPPEARING and it now being SEPTEMBER, I mean, wtf?), but I’ve been kicked into full-gear again recently, and have started a couple of different scripts – which ones will be abandoned, and which ones will be finished? – only time will tell.

Also, today I re-read an unproduced play I wrote a few years ago, and never did anything with (due, in part, to one director I was hoping to work with on it, taking a year to read it, only not to want to do anything with it – and I’m to nice to multiple submit). After that, I put it aside, thinking that I’d work on something else for a while, which turned out to be  firstly The Middle Distance – which is from that much longer play, albeit extensively reworked as a one-act, and then Saliva. Anyway, whilst needing a bit of work, I’m super-happy with the unproduced script, and think I shall be assaulting theatre companies of Ireland with it soon. This is the plan, you see, assault them with a play you’ve finished, whilst working on a new one – it’s a sound business plan.

ANYWAY, I should stop rambling, so I’ll leave you with this – I’ll try my best to not take another three months to update this thing, and I’ll keep you abreast of any theatrical developments that happen.