Notes from the Margins #10

16 07 2013

So, randomly, whilst I’ve been focussing on poetry, there are a couple of theatre things that may happen. One is a new short that I’ve been working on for the past few days, and the other, rather excitingly, is an adaptation of one of my plays into a different form – THAT IS ALL I SHALL SAY FOR THE MOMENT!

Also, the SWEATBOX reading run by the PETTYCASH collective last weekend was fantastic. And it really was a SWEATBOX, since this summer continues, almost worryingly (for non-Irish readers: an Irish summer normally lasts about three days, a week tops), to continue.

Split into numerous zones (The Basement, The Granny Flat, The Main Area, The Tunnel of Love), there were numerous things going on. The readings were up in the main area and were fantastic. The second reader, right after the host, whose name I can’t remember, totally floored me. Mighty fine performance poetry. I read four poems from Assaracus #11 and Mongrel, forthcoming in Emerge Literary Journal. ‘Twas great. In terms of performance, my highlight of the night was friend and Drag King, Julian Mandrews’ deconstruction of what’s Straight and what’s Gay with wallcharts, markers, sandwiches, techno, and George Michael’s “I’m Your Man”. Gorgeousness.

In other news, this week I have been dipping in and out of Ted Hughes’ Birthday Letters and being astounded by fellow Assaracus poet, Sean Patrick Mulroy, and his poem Pyrokinesis, which takes my breath away. Interestingly (interesting as I also recorded a spoken word album as a present for someone about five years ago), you can listen to him read the poem here.




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