Notes from the Margins #12

5 08 2013

So, this weekend was the work-in-progress showing of my new short play, Blue Boy, at the Quarter Arts Festival was fantastic, and my first time performing onstage outside of the cabaret/drag world in a very long time.

The Triskel Arts Centre is a gorgeous space which holds wonderful things like Cut Hands and Vatican Shadow (both of whom I missed recently in Dublin, and am still stinging about), a gorgeous cafe, an AMAZING record shop and the TDC – The Theatre Development Centre, where Quarter was held.

This was the running order for the day:


The tech was fantastic, and the lights were in full swing! The set-up, the space and the care and attention Makeshift gave the piece was wonderful!


The talk, well, more of a conversation as was intended, on collaboration between artists was fascinating, and will no doubt lead to collaborations from people who attended it.

I was delighted with how well Blue Boy went. People seemed to really enjoy it/get freaked out by it. It seemed to really get under people’s skin. Lots of people saying things to me like, but you’re such a nice guy. It also got compared to Dennis Cooper’s theatre show Jerk, but more favourably in that person’s opinion, which I took as quite the compliment.

After my piece, there was a second performer, Lynn-Marie Dennehy, whose piece of performance art, Window Display, really got under my skin. Beautiful, and unsettling, with lots of things to think about and process from the piece.

After that, Eszter chaired a feedback session with the audience and Lynn-Marie and myself, that used a strict formula to get the most usable feedback for us as possible, and was an extremely helpful process for me.

And that was pretty much it, as due to time constraints I couldn’t stay for the rest of the festival. Thank you so much to Eszter, Caoilain, Leah and Ciara, Queen of Soupland (you had to be there) and the whole of Makeshift for putting together Quarter, and I’ve no doubt it will continue to grow and grow, and hopefully I’ll see you all with something else soon.


The next Quarter will be in November, and I know that they’ll be actively looking for people to participate. So if you’ve got something  you’re working on (of up to 20 minutes in length), drop them an email!