Notes from the Margins #13

9 12 2013


A sestina of mine called Mongrel which I’m very proud of is included in Emerge Literary Journal’s Winter 2013 Poetry Issue (vol 2) alongside 58 (!) other poets. You can purchase on Amazon here.

Other news, my prose piece Reconnaissance will be published in the Queer in Brighton anthology in February. Another poem of mine will be published in an anthology in spring/summer next year (more details when I can). I am still working on the first volume of my American G.I. poetry cycle. A couple more months work and I should have my first finished collection! FUCKYES!

In other writing news, I have submitted Blue Boy to a lovely┬áthing. I will post more about that when I hear back (if it’s a yes, it may have a week-long run next year. Keep your bits crossed for me!)