Notes from the Margins #15

12 04 2014


I am sitting with the manuscript of Book One of American G.I. in my hands. I hope to finish it this month (this WEEK if I have MY way). AND THEN TAKE OVER THE WORLD *koffkoff*


Interesting fact: there are 33 poems in the book. Perhaps I am trying to be Jesus, no?


Blue Boy has been programmed into the 2014 International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival (!) as part of the International Theatre Shorts Programme (!).

BlueBoyDetailedPoster copy

It will be on for a week (from 12th – 17th May) in the Cobalt Cafe in North Great Georges St and yours truly will be starring in it (doing a one-man show! I’M NOT SCARED AT ALL)

Below is the blurb for the show and for more info, including where to buy tickets go here.

As James Cullen steps up to the microphone to read a batch of poems he’s read hundreds of times before, he shivers, thinking he saw something he couldn’t, something from his past and instead he decides to read the poem that’s been living for years at the back of his head. Tonight is when he finally faces up to what happened. And what he did.

Blurring the lines between dramatic monologue and performance poetry, acclaimed writer/performer Mark Ward (Saliva 2011, The Middle Distance 2010) returns to the Theatre Shorts with an unconventional, challenging and confrontational new show.

PS. My good friends, Lady K and Ruby Noir, have a musical extravaganza of a show called Acceptable in the 80’s on in the festival as well AND YOU SHOULD GO SEE THAT TOO. Info, pics, tickets here.