Notes from the Margins #18

20 07 2014

Brief update!

The first poem from Circumference to be published – A School Photograph – will be in Storm Cellar Vol 4, no.1, which is out on the 15th August.


Details about how to order (it comes in both print and electronic format, fyi), and a link to the journal’s webpage are here.

In other news, due to an inspiring typo, I am writing a poem about a cyborg with a gambling addiction.

Notes from the Margins #17

16 07 2014

Firstly, and foremostly, my poem Next Town Over Kid was published today on the excellent Good Men Project website. They feature some stellar poets and I’m delighted and honoured to have my poem there.

Next Town Over Kid , it may be of interest, is an out-take from Circumference, which is the first in my American G.I. series. It would not fit anywhere in the book so I’m glad it has found a home.

In other news, there’s not much other news. My cabaret muscles are being flexed this week with underCURRENT‘s summer show. If you’re in Dublin, and the thought of drag, choreography, jazz hands, singing and general faggotry appeals, then come down and see it.

Writing-wise, things are quiet. A few new pieces that I’m still ruminating on, and a haiku that I’m very happy with. Oh, and a poem with a title I’m incredibly proud of: The Priapic Prepubescent.

Finally, Circumference is currently being considered for publication by the publisher of my dreams. Do me a favour and throw me a little prayer/goodwill/fairy dust/positive thinking towards the book. I am keeping all of my bits crossed.

Until next time…