Notes from the Margins #20

29 09 2014

(Click the above picture to see it in its full size beauty.)

Delighted to announce that my particularly vicious poem, Revenge, is due to be published in Glitterwolf‘s Halloween Special. As you can see from above it will have FOUR beautiful variant covers. I very well may have to get all four! Chuffed to be featured in the mighty Glitterwolf again!


In other news, I have been collating/working on a new chapbook made up of old and new pieces. It’s called How To Live When Life Subtracts. Submitting it to a very nice chapbook contest soon. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Otherwise, I have been mostly writing odd little single poems and working on and off on my cyborg-with-a-gambling-addiction-and-now-a-backstory poem.