Notes from the Margins #29

17 10 2015

So, I can be a bit rubbish for going to things, and lately I’ve been making myself go to more spoken word things and to compete in slams. I can sometimes find slams quite intimidating, and occasionally frustrating – I feel sometimes that I’m never sure what they’re looking for, but of course, it’s all relative and subjective.

Anyway, last night I took part in the FRESH Poetry Slam. Normally, I perform, get knocked out in the first round and watch the rest of the show – last night, I WON! I still can’t quite believe it! I was dancing at the bus stop on the way home and I looked quite the lunatic.

I’ve no pictures from last night (as yet, there was someone with a camera) so here’s a general pic of the lovely venue.


Notes from the Margins #28

13 10 2015

So, I can now tell you TWO of the aforementioned three things from my previous post.

Firstly, my poem Armature will be included in the anthology, The Myriad Carnival alongside such luminaries as Paul Magrs, Raymond Luczak and Evan J Peterson. The table of contents is below. There is no fixed date as yet, it’s out early 2016. It’s out on February 22nd, 2016, and you can pre-order it here.


Secondly, I am delighted to announce the birth of Chris Colby! Chris is my pseudonym for the romance/erotica genres and he will be in print for the first time, with his short story, Fancy Dress in Lethe Press’ forthcoming anthology, Threesome, which is out in March 2016 and you can preorder here.


As soon as I can announce my third bit of news, I shall do so, right here. In other news, there’s a couple of new poems that I’m really pleased with that I’ve written lately, which is great, but no major news apart from the above.

OH, here’s the info about this month’s WELL-VERSED. 22nd Oct, free, etc.