Notes from the Margins #30

6 11 2015

So, two bits of good news.

My poem, Yggdrasil, has been selected for inclusion in the anthology, Not Just Another Pretty Face which “pairs photographs of male go-go dancers with works based specifically on the photos” featuring photos by Tom Schmidt, and edited by Louis Flint Ceci, published by Beatiful Dreamer Press. It should be out in Spring 2016 and I’m really happy with the poem!

Also, another favourite of mine, The New World, which earlier this year was selected as one of ten winners in Sibling Rivalry Press + HBO’s Looking competiton has been accepted for NewTown Writers yearly publication, Off The Rocks, which I’m delighted about, especially given the theme Taking Pride in the Past (“The New World” is set in 1945).

Anyway, that’s all my news for now. As always, I’m rewriting things, tinkering with other things.