Notes from the Margins #45

4 06 2019

or, again, adventures in how this blog never gets updated in a timely fashion.

So – what’s happened since January? Well, lots!

Firstly, I was one of the winners/published poems in the February 2019 Hennessy New Irish Writing, featured and published in The Irish Times here. The sheer number of people that read the Times is staggering and so many people who never spoke to me about poetry said “Oh, I read your poem in the Times!”. It was lovely.

In other news, I had a good few poems published, which is wonderful!
Circadian in Visual Verse in January
Ellipsis in Panning for Poems in February (part of PoetryNI)
College Roommate in The Ekphrastic Review in February
– Bus in Boyne Berries #25 in March (print only, also attended and read at the launch!)
Discord in HIV Here + Now in April
– 2 Poems in the Wussy #6 (print only) in April
Apologia in Cordite #91 in May

I’ve also been lucky enough to be featured in some anthologies also, most notable was Raymond Luczak’s Lovejets: Queer Male Poets on 200 Years of Walt Whitman, in which I had two poems, one an homage to Thom Gunn and one to John Wieners.


In other news I’ve completed my yearlong (Sep 18 – May 19) mentorship with Nell Regan under Words Ireland’s National Mentorship Scheme which was wonderful, revelatory and thoroughly essential – it changed and deepened my writing in lots of wonderful ways I didn’t expect, and Nell was a wonderful mentor.

Also, after a year of work, and having worked on it at length in the mentorship, I have finished my first full-length collection, Nightlight which I currently have out for consideration with some dream publishers – keep your fingers crossed for me.

Also, the past month or so, I’ve been reading and writing and experimenting with haiku/senryu/tanka etc, which has been very interesting.

Finally, submissions for Issue 6 of Impossible Archetype are open now until 1st August: all LGBTQ+ poets feel free to submit (details here).