Notes from the Margins #38

27 03 2017


Firstly, the first Impossible Archetype is out in the world! Featuring 30 excellent poets – from established names to first timers – Issue 1 is out now and can be read for free here.

Secondly, I have sent off the full-length version of How to Live When Life Subtracts to my favourite publisher. Say a little prayer, do a little sacrifice, drop those cakes, send me those vibes – you get the idea.

Thirdly, remember Circumference (aka. Book 1 of American G.I.)? Well, I’ve cut 40 pages out of it, and honestly, it’s never been better. I’ve rewrote a good bit of it too, and as a chapbook it’s finally the book it’s always meant to be. Have a publisher in mind too, and have been thinking about approaching books two and three with the same format.

Fourthly, my poem Dorsal, a very imagistic poem of mine about horses and gay love and keeping ones head above water will be published sometime soon on Animal Literary Magazine. I’ll post the link in my publications page once it’s out.

Finally, I’m running the 3rd Annual Ballyroan Library World Poetry Day Competition.
Open to Dublin poets only, we are accepting entries until 21st April 2017. Full guidelines here:
ballyroan poetry comp


Notes from the Margins #25

5 05 2015

The LGBTQ poetry night I do (with Ciarán Clarke) WELL-VERSED recently went ‘on tour, dahlin!’ and did a special edition of Takin the Mic in collaboration with the Irish Writers Centre, as a fundraiser for Yes Equality. It was all kinds of fucking awesome. It was exactly what I needed right now as an angry gay poet. The mix of WELL-VERSED people and the IWC invitees (and open mics) worked really well. Here are some pix:

A balanced photograph

Me, reading Angry Gay Poetry™

Co-host and co-founder of WELL-VERSED, Ciarán Clarke

Vickey “RaginSpice” Curtis

Oisín McKenna (PETTYCASH)

And speaking of PETTYCASH, tomorrow I’ll be performing at PETTYCASH presents: RISING (to the people of Ireland) which should be heaps of craic. Also, later in the month, on the 21st May (The Day Before! – for those not in Ireland, there’s a referendum/public vote on same-sex marriage on the 22nd. If it passes, we’ll be the first country to approve this by public vote. If it doesn’t, there’s likely to be a riot) I’ll be performing a featured set at WELL-VERSED. Facebook event for that soon.

In other news, I’ve been slowly rewriting Circumference. I’ve about five poems rewritten now (almost in their entirety) and it’s going well. I’m *hoping* to have it finished for next summer. That’s the plan, anyway.

Notes from the Margins #19

11 08 2014


OUT OF SEQUENCE: THE SONNETS REMIXED is a 154-part anthology edited by D. Gilson where each poet remixes a sonnet. My poem, The Full Deck, used a remixed first line of Sonnet 75 as its jumping off point. A huge undertaking (what with 155 contributers!) it is published today on Upstart: A Journal of English Renaissance Studies’ website. The index page to OoS, listing all of the poets and their poems is here. A print version comes later this year from Parlor Press. Delighted to be part of this anthology! Thanks D.!

In other news, my gambling-addicted cyborg is gaining a backstory, and separate to that, I am writing lots of unconnected poems which is nice as its something I haven’t been able to do for quite some time.

I should hear about whether or not my book is accepted by the publisher of my dreams in the next few weeks and I can currently think of little else.


Notes from the Margins #18

20 07 2014

Brief update!

The first poem from Circumference to be published – A School Photograph – will be in Storm Cellar Vol 4, no.1, which is out on the 15th August.


Details about how to order (it comes in both print and electronic format, fyi), and a link to the journal’s webpage are here.

In other news, due to an inspiring typo, I am writing a poem about a cyborg with a gambling addiction.

Notes from the Margins #17

16 07 2014

Firstly, and foremostly, my poem Next Town Over Kid was published today on the excellent Good Men Project website. They feature some stellar poets and I’m delighted and honoured to have my poem there.

Next Town Over Kid , it may be of interest, is an out-take from Circumference, which is the first in my American G.I. series. It would not fit anywhere in the book so I’m glad it has found a home.

In other news, there’s not much other news. My cabaret muscles are being flexed this week with underCURRENT‘s summer show. If you’re in Dublin, and the thought of drag, choreography, jazz hands, singing and general faggotry appeals, then come down and see it.

Writing-wise, things are quiet. A few new pieces that I’m still ruminating on, and a haiku that I’m very happy with. Oh, and a poem with a title I’m incredibly proud of: The Priapic Prepubescent.

Finally, Circumference is currently being considered for publication by the publisher of my dreams. Do me a favour and throw me a little prayer/goodwill/fairy dust/positive thinking towards the book. I am keeping all of my bits crossed.

Until next time…

Notes from the Margins #16

23 05 2014


Blue Boy went very well. I freaked audiences out, and occasionally made them cry. Which is all you can hope for as an actrine of the highest calibration


The book, which is titled Circumference, is finished and being sent to the publisher of my dreams next week. Keep all your bits crossed for me.

The first poem from that manuscript to be accepted for publication is A School Photograph which will be appearing in an upcoming issue of Storm Cellar.

In other news, I will have a short story called The Next Village in the next issue of Jonathan, which I am utterly delighted about!

Had a great time in the festival this year. The absolute highlight for me was Margaret Thatcher: Queen of Soho which if you get a chance to see (or even read) do!

This bullet point news post has been brought to you by the need to rush as I am on my teabreak


Notes from the Margins #15

12 04 2014


I am sitting with the manuscript of Book One of American G.I. in my hands. I hope to finish it this month (this WEEK if I have MY way). AND THEN TAKE OVER THE WORLD *koffkoff*


Interesting fact: there are 33 poems in the book. Perhaps I am trying to be Jesus, no?


Blue Boy has been programmed into the 2014 International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival (!) as part of the International Theatre Shorts Programme (!).

BlueBoyDetailedPoster copy

It will be on for a week (from 12th – 17th May) in the Cobalt Cafe in North Great Georges St and yours truly will be starring in it (doing a one-man show! I’M NOT SCARED AT ALL)

Below is the blurb for the show and for more info, including where to buy tickets go here.

As James Cullen steps up to the microphone to read a batch of poems he’s read hundreds of times before, he shivers, thinking he saw something he couldn’t, something from his past and instead he decides to read the poem that’s been living for years at the back of his head. Tonight is when he finally faces up to what happened. And what he did.

Blurring the lines between dramatic monologue and performance poetry, acclaimed writer/performer Mark Ward (Saliva 2011, The Middle Distance 2010) returns to the Theatre Shorts with an unconventional, challenging and confrontational new show.

PS. My good friends, Lady K and Ruby Noir, have a musical extravaganza of a show called Acceptable in the 80’s on in the festival as well AND YOU SHOULD GO SEE THAT TOO. Info, pics, tickets here.