Notes from the Margins #35

12 10 2016


Firstly, LINGO is Ireland’s most amazing spoken word festival.




I’m appearing at the Festival Klub event in The Cobalt Cafe on Saturday 22nd October with some of my favourite people (Vickey Curtis! Ailish Kerr! Alicia Byrne Keane! BeRn!). And it’s totally FREE.

It’s going to be MEGA. Here’s the full blurb for it:


The piece I’m going to be performing is from a while back, a play-in-verse Blue Boy. There’s a page on the blog here about its initial run of performances in 2013/2014.

In even more amazing (and weirdly directly related news), five days after what’s probably going to be the last performance of Blue Boy ever, it’s getting published in Assaracus: A Journal of Gay Poetry #24, published by Sibling Rivalry Press!


You can order it direct from the publisher here, or it’s available on Amazon here, and The Book Depository eventually (not there yet).

And my last bit of news, my poem ‘Blackbird’ is going to be published in an academic journal, Studies in Arts and Humanties, in Volume 2, Issue 2, which will be out in December. You can view the journal here.



Notes from the Margins #16

23 05 2014


Blue Boy went very well. I freaked audiences out, and occasionally made them cry. Which is all you can hope for as an actrine of the highest calibration


The book, which is titled Circumference, is finished and being sent to the publisher of my dreams next week. Keep all your bits crossed for me.

The first poem from that manuscript to be accepted for publication is A School Photograph which will be appearing in an upcoming issue of Storm Cellar.

In other news, I will have a short story called The Next Village in the next issue of Jonathan, which I am utterly delighted about!

Had a great time in the festival this year. The absolute highlight for me was Margaret Thatcher: Queen of Soho which if you get a chance to see (or even read) do!

This bullet point news post has been brought to you by the need to rush as I am on my teabreak


Notes from the Margins #15

12 04 2014


I am sitting with the manuscript of Book One of American G.I. in my hands. I hope to finish it this month (this WEEK if I have MY way). AND THEN TAKE OVER THE WORLD *koffkoff*


Interesting fact: there are 33 poems in the book. Perhaps I am trying to be Jesus, no?


Blue Boy has been programmed into the 2014 International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival (!) as part of the International Theatre Shorts Programme (!).

BlueBoyDetailedPoster copy

It will be on for a week (from 12th – 17th May) in the Cobalt Cafe in North Great Georges St and yours truly will be starring in it (doing a one-man show! I’M NOT SCARED AT ALL)

Below is the blurb for the show and for more info, including where to buy tickets go here.

As James Cullen steps up to the microphone to read a batch of poems he’s read hundreds of times before, he shivers, thinking he saw something he couldn’t, something from his past and instead he decides to read the poem that’s been living for years at the back of his head. Tonight is when he finally faces up to what happened. And what he did.

Blurring the lines between dramatic monologue and performance poetry, acclaimed writer/performer Mark Ward (Saliva 2011, The Middle Distance 2010) returns to the Theatre Shorts with an unconventional, challenging and confrontational new show.

PS. My good friends, Lady K and Ruby Noir, have a musical extravaganza of a show called Acceptable in the 80’s on in the festival as well AND YOU SHOULD GO SEE THAT TOO. Info, pics, tickets here.

Notes from the Margins #13

9 12 2013


A sestina of mine called Mongrel which I’m very proud of is included in Emerge Literary Journal’s Winter 2013 Poetry Issue (vol 2) alongside 58 (!) other poets. You can purchase on Amazon here.

Other news, my prose piece Reconnaissance will be published in the Queer in Brighton anthology in February. Another poem of mine will be published in an anthology in spring/summer next year (more details when I can). I am still working on the first volume of my American G.I. poetry cycle. A couple more months work and I should have my first finished collection! FUCKYES!

In other writing news, I have submitted Blue Boy to a lovely thing. I will post more about that when I hear back (if it’s a yes, it may have a week-long run next year. Keep your bits crossed for me!)

Notes from the Margins #12

5 08 2013

So, this weekend was the work-in-progress showing of my new short play, Blue Boy, at the Quarter Arts Festival was fantastic, and my first time performing onstage outside of the cabaret/drag world in a very long time.

The Triskel Arts Centre is a gorgeous space which holds wonderful things like Cut Hands and Vatican Shadow (both of whom I missed recently in Dublin, and am still stinging about), a gorgeous cafe, an AMAZING record shop and the TDC – The Theatre Development Centre, where Quarter was held.

This was the running order for the day:


The tech was fantastic, and the lights were in full swing! The set-up, the space and the care and attention Makeshift gave the piece was wonderful!


The talk, well, more of a conversation as was intended, on collaboration between artists was fascinating, and will no doubt lead to collaborations from people who attended it.

I was delighted with how well Blue Boy went. People seemed to really enjoy it/get freaked out by it. It seemed to really get under people’s skin. Lots of people saying things to me like, but you’re such a nice guy. It also got compared to Dennis Cooper’s theatre show Jerk, but more favourably in that person’s opinion, which I took as quite the compliment.

After my piece, there was a second performer, Lynn-Marie Dennehy, whose piece of performance art, Window Display, really got under my skin. Beautiful, and unsettling, with lots of things to think about and process from the piece.

After that, Eszter chaired a feedback session with the audience and Lynn-Marie and myself, that used a strict formula to get the most usable feedback for us as possible, and was an extremely helpful process for me.

And that was pretty much it, as due to time constraints I couldn’t stay for the rest of the festival. Thank you so much to Eszter, Caoilain, Leah and Ciara, Queen of Soupland (you had to be there) and the whole of Makeshift for putting together Quarter, and I’ve no doubt it will continue to grow and grow, and hopefully I’ll see you all with something else soon.


The next Quarter will be in November, and I know that they’ll be actively looking for people to participate. So if you’ve got something  you’re working on (of up to 20 minutes in length), drop them an email!