Notes from the Margins #38

27 03 2017


Firstly, the first Impossible Archetype is out in the world! Featuring 30 excellent poets – from established names to first timers – Issue 1 is out now and can be read for free here.

Secondly, I have sent off the full-length version of How to Live When Life Subtracts to my favourite publisher. Say a little prayer, do a little sacrifice, drop those cakes, send me those vibes – you get the idea.

Thirdly, remember Circumference (aka. Book 1 of American G.I.)? Well, I’ve cut 40 pages out of it, and honestly, it’s never been better. I’ve rewrote a good bit of it too, and as a chapbook it’s finally the book it’s always meant to be. Have a publisher in mind too, and have been thinking about approaching books two and three with the same format.

Fourthly, my poem Dorsal, a very imagistic poem of mine about horses and gay love and keeping ones head above water will be published sometime soon on Animal Literary Magazine. I’ll post the link in my publications page once it’s out.

Finally, I’m running the 3rd Annual Ballyroan Library World Poetry Day Competition.
Open to Dublin poets only, we are accepting entries until 21st April 2017. Full guidelines here:
ballyroan poetry comp


Notes from the Margins #37

2 03 2017

It’s been three months since I blogged? Really? Wow.

First up, I’ve two new poems out. The first, Basic Training, rang in the new year on the excellent The Good Men Project. I love that poem so much! You can read it here.

Secondly, the day after Valentine’s Day (hah! I see what you did there!) my poem, The Imaginary Friend was on Headstuff, continuing their “It’s The End of the World As We Know It” and me finally getting published in Irish markets. You can read that one here.

Other news? Firstly, I have completely remade my poetry MS, incorporating a lot of new work. It’s a much bigger, better and stronger book and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with it – it really feels, for the first time, like a finished, complete book and I’m on the hunt for a publisher.

Also, on a bus ride into town, the name Impossible Archetype popped into my head, and I decided to start a LGBTQ+ poetry journal. Submissions were accepted until yesterday, and the first issue will be out later this month! Lots of amazing work from poets all over the globe, some who have published many books, some who have never published a single poem before!


Notes from the Margins #34

22 05 2016


FIRSTLY, two reviews for Threesome: Him, Him and Me, in which my story, Fancy Dress, as Chris Colby, gets some nice praise.

Review one, from Love Bytes Reviews
“Fancy Dress is the story of three college flat mates who have vaguely referenced attractions to each other, and which remain unacknowledged until one Halloween night…

Ok, and well there isn’t really much more that can be said about this story. It’s pretty much one big smutty sex scene that sees all three roomies get off in the kitchen. I tend to like more story than smut, so kudos to the author for making me love it. I can only assume that it was the author’s skill that carried it off, but to be honest I was too wrapped up in reading the lascivious on page action to pay that much attention to the writing!”

Review two, from Rainbow Gold Reviews
Fancy Dress – Chris Colby – College campus during Halloween. Three roommates, all very different. The narrator, at first, thinks they are all straight. Then he overhears a phone conversation of one of them, and finds out at least one isn’t. But, he has a tendency to say and/or think the wrong thing at all times. Until he dresses up in drag for Halloween. On a dare. Becoming a catalyst. And then everything seems to go right for him:) I enjoyed this one.

SECONDLY, two interviews,
First one is Nathan Burgoine interviewing me on his Sunday Shorts series as Chris Colby about Threesome and other stuff. 
Second one is me as Mark Ward for Matt Bright’s new Queer Lit Q+A series. 

THIRDLY, I shall be on Sunday Shorts as Mark Ward and on the Queer Lit Q+A’s as Chris Colby soon too (yes, I know, it’s a little confusing, but essentially: four interviews with me)

FOURTHLY, work is going apace on the first Chris Colby novel, which currently has the working title of Under Surveillance. It’s planned to be the first of a series of books. I’m about fourteen chapters into it at the moment.

FIFTHLY, I have been sending work out to beat the band, and hopefully I should be hearing back en masse soon. I’ve also been sending out How to Live When Life Subtracts a bit more, so hopefully that will get picked up!

Notes from the Margins #28

13 10 2015

So, I can now tell you TWO of the aforementioned three things from my previous post.

Firstly, my poem Armature will be included in the anthology, The Myriad Carnival alongside such luminaries as Paul Magrs, Raymond Luczak and Evan J Peterson. The table of contents is below. There is no fixed date as yet, it’s out early 2016. It’s out on February 22nd, 2016, and you can pre-order it here.


Secondly, I am delighted to announce the birth of Chris Colby! Chris is my pseudonym for the romance/erotica genres and he will be in print for the first time, with his short story, Fancy Dress in Lethe Press’ forthcoming anthology, Threesome, which is out in March 2016 and you can preorder here.


As soon as I can announce my third bit of news, I shall do so, right here. In other news, there’s a couple of new poems that I’m really pleased with that I’ve written lately, which is great, but no major news apart from the above.

OH, here’s the info about this month’s WELL-VERSED. 22nd Oct, free, etc.

Notes from the Margin #21

1 10 2014


I somehow completly forgot to post this here (!)

My short short story, The Next Village, is in the new issue (#6) of Jonathan, published by SRP! Delighted!

Copies can be ordered direct from SRP, through The Book Depository and Amazon.

Notes from the Margins #20

29 09 2014

(Click the above picture to see it in its full size beauty.)

Delighted to announce that my particularly vicious poem, Revenge, is due to be published in Glitterwolf‘s Halloween Special. As you can see from above it will have FOUR beautiful variant covers. I very well may have to get all four! Chuffed to be featured in the mighty Glitterwolf again!


In other news, I have been collating/working on a new chapbook made up of old and new pieces. It’s called How To Live When Life Subtracts. Submitting it to a very nice chapbook contest soon. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Otherwise, I have been mostly writing odd little single poems and working on and off on my cyborg-with-a-gambling-addiction-and-now-a-backstory poem.


Notes from the Margins #18

20 07 2014

Brief update!

The first poem from Circumference to be published – A School Photograph – will be in Storm Cellar Vol 4, no.1, which is out on the 15th August.


Details about how to order (it comes in both print and electronic format, fyi), and a link to the journal’s webpage are here.

In other news, due to an inspiring typo, I am writing a poem about a cyborg with a gambling addiction.