Notes from the Margins #39

27 10 2017

Good god, it’s been a long time since I’ve updated here! Where does the time go!

So, news.

My poem, “Monsters in the Closet” was published in the premiere issue of new journal, SCAB, which you can read here.
Rather fabulously, I’ll have a further poem, “Signal Deterioration” published in their second issue in the new year, which is lovely!

Secondly, my tipping away at the Irish poetry scene seems to be working a little – my poem “The Pit in Your Stomach” will be featured in the next issue of well-regarded Irish journal Skylight47 (that rather fabulously publishes as a newspaper!).

The BIG NEWS however, which I’m delighted to announce, is that my chapbook, Circumference, is a FINALIST in the 2017 ROBIN BECKER CHAPBOOK PRIZE from SEVEN KITCHENS PRESS! *aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* To be a finalist is just fecking wonderful – I’m thrilled


Results of the winners should be out any day now also! So keep your fingers crossed!


Notes from the Margins #38

27 03 2017


Firstly, the first Impossible Archetype is out in the world! Featuring 30 excellent poets – from established names to first timers – Issue 1 is out now and can be read for free here.

Secondly, I have sent off the full-length version of How to Live When Life Subtracts to my favourite publisher. Say a little prayer, do a little sacrifice, drop those cakes, send me those vibes – you get the idea.

Thirdly, remember Circumference (aka. Book 1 of American G.I.)? Well, I’ve cut 40 pages out of it, and honestly, it’s never been better. I’ve rewrote a good bit of it too, and as a chapbook it’s finally the book it’s always meant to be. Have a publisher in mind too, and have been thinking about approaching books two and three with the same format.

Fourthly, my poem Dorsal, a very imagistic poem of mine about horses and gay love and keeping ones head above water will be published sometime soon on Animal Literary Magazine. I’ll post the link in my publications page once it’s out.

Finally, I’m running the 3rd Annual Ballyroan Library World Poetry Day Competition.
Open to Dublin poets only, we are accepting entries until 21st April 2017. Full guidelines here:
ballyroan poetry comp

Notes from the Margins #36

15 12 2016

LOTS of news!

I’ve had three poems published this month (Three! That’s mad!).

Firstly, my friend, and fellow poet, started a new poetry journal
My poem, Exemplar, is online here, and the rest of the issue features excellent work from some local poets, Alicia Byrne Keane and Raven.

Secondly, I’m delighted to have my poem, Blackbird, featured in Volume 2, Issue 2 of Studies in Arts and Humanities, a new journal based out of DBS that mixes academia and arts.
My poem is here, and the issue also features some new drama, as well four academic articles.

Finally, I’m delighted to be back in Australia’s premier literary journal, Tincture.
My poem, Local, is featured alongside a whole host of new poetry and stories. You can purchase/subscribe here.

I’ve two more poems forthcoming very soon, and I’ll write a post about them as soon as they’re out, but until then, Happy Christmas!

Notes from the Margins #34

22 05 2016


FIRSTLY, two reviews for Threesome: Him, Him and Me, in which my story, Fancy Dress, as Chris Colby, gets some nice praise.

Review one, from Love Bytes Reviews
“Fancy Dress is the story of three college flat mates who have vaguely referenced attractions to each other, and which remain unacknowledged until one Halloween night…

Ok, and well there isn’t really much more that can be said about this story. It’s pretty much one big smutty sex scene that sees all three roomies get off in the kitchen. I tend to like more story than smut, so kudos to the author for making me love it. I can only assume that it was the author’s skill that carried it off, but to be honest I was too wrapped up in reading the lascivious on page action to pay that much attention to the writing!”

Review two, from Rainbow Gold Reviews
Fancy Dress – Chris Colby – College campus during Halloween. Three roommates, all very different. The narrator, at first, thinks they are all straight. Then he overhears a phone conversation of one of them, and finds out at least one isn’t. But, he has a tendency to say and/or think the wrong thing at all times. Until he dresses up in drag for Halloween. On a dare. Becoming a catalyst. And then everything seems to go right for him:) I enjoyed this one.

SECONDLY, two interviews,
First one is Nathan Burgoine interviewing me on his Sunday Shorts series as Chris Colby about Threesome and other stuff. 
Second one is me as Mark Ward for Matt Bright’s new Queer Lit Q+A series. 

THIRDLY, I shall be on Sunday Shorts as Mark Ward and on the Queer Lit Q+A’s as Chris Colby soon too (yes, I know, it’s a little confusing, but essentially: four interviews with me)

FOURTHLY, work is going apace on the first Chris Colby novel, which currently has the working title of Under Surveillance. It’s planned to be the first of a series of books. I’m about fourteen chapters into it at the moment.

FIFTHLY, I have been sending work out to beat the band, and hopefully I should be hearing back en masse soon. I’ve also been sending out How to Live When Life Subtracts a bit more, so hopefully that will get picked up!

Notes from the Margins #33

1 04 2016

My poem, Yggdrasil, is featured in the anthology below!
There’s more information about it (and how to purchase) here. You can also purchase it through Amazon but please consider buying it direct from the press. Thanks!



Notes from the Margins #32

17 03 2016

And another bit of news, that just happened right now!

My poem, Gown, has been published on HIV Here + Now! Go read 😀

Notes from the Margins #31

17 03 2016

Apologies for the radio silence – life got in the way!

First things first, two anthologies I’m in are out. Here’s a picture of me with both:
954850_1004138459661560_4532838251024716927_n (1)

The Myriad Carnival features my poem Armature as well as heaps of stories from such luminaries as Raymond Luczak, Paul Magrs and Evan J Peterson. More info/you can purchase here. Here’s a sneak peek of my poem:


Also out now is Threesome which features the FIRST EVER PUBLICATION from my romance/erotica pseudonym, Chris Colby, with the short story Fancy Dress. I’ve read about 80% so far and its a fantastic collection, one that received a STARRED REVIEW from Publisher’s Weekly (!) More info about the book/how to purchase. Here;s a sneak peek from the story. 


Also, for the month of March, to celebrate their 15th anniversary, all Lethe Press ebooks are $1.50 including both of these and all new releases! You’d be mad not to purchase lots while you can (I may have bought like 12 books myself…)

In other news, one of my favourite poems of mine, Night Sweats, was reprinted at The Good Men Project. You can read it here. Thanks to Charlie Bondhus for having me!

Finally, I’m lucky enough to be part of another anthology, coming out next month from Beautiful Dreamer Press, where you can also order it, called Not Just Another Pretty Face in which Twenty-three photos of male go-go dancers become the basis for stories, poems, essays, and drama by twenty-seven authors. It features my poem Yggdrasil. Thanks for having me Louis Flint Ceci! To keep up with updates about it, and read some sneak peeks from it, you can have a look at the book’s Facebook page.

not just another pretty face

That’s all my news for now!