Notes from the Margins #32

17 03 2016

And another bit of news, that just happened right now!

My poem, Gown, has been published on HIV Here + Now! Go read 😀


Notes from the Margins #31

17 03 2016

Apologies for the radio silence – life got in the way!

First things first, two anthologies I’m in are out. Here’s a picture of me with both:
954850_1004138459661560_4532838251024716927_n (1)

The Myriad Carnival features my poem Armature as well as heaps of stories from such luminaries as Raymond Luczak, Paul Magrs and Evan J Peterson. More info/you can purchase here. Here’s a sneak peek of my poem:


Also out now is Threesome which features the FIRST EVER PUBLICATION from my romance/erotica pseudonym, Chris Colby, with the short story Fancy Dress. I’ve read about 80% so far and its a fantastic collection, one that received a STARRED REVIEW from Publisher’s Weekly (!) More info about the book/how to purchase. Here;s a sneak peek from the story. 


Also, for the month of March, to celebrate their 15th anniversary, all Lethe Press ebooks are $1.50 including both of these and all new releases! You’d be mad not to purchase lots while you can (I may have bought like 12 books myself…)

In other news, one of my favourite poems of mine, Night Sweats, was reprinted at The Good Men Project. You can read it here. Thanks to Charlie Bondhus for having me!

Finally, I’m lucky enough to be part of another anthology, coming out next month from Beautiful Dreamer Press, where you can also order it, called Not Just Another Pretty Face in which Twenty-three photos of male go-go dancers become the basis for stories, poems, essays, and drama by twenty-seven authors. It features my poem Yggdrasil. Thanks for having me Louis Flint Ceci! To keep up with updates about it, and read some sneak peeks from it, you can have a look at the book’s Facebook page.

not just another pretty face

That’s all my news for now!

Notes from the Margins #30

6 11 2015

So, two bits of good news.

My poem, Yggdrasil, has been selected for inclusion in the anthology, Not Just Another Pretty Face which “pairs photographs of male go-go dancers with works based specifically on the photos” featuring photos by Tom Schmidt, and edited by Louis Flint Ceci, published by Beatiful Dreamer Press. It should be out in Spring 2016 and I’m really happy with the poem!

Also, another favourite of mine, The New World, which earlier this year was selected as one of ten winners in Sibling Rivalry Press + HBO’s Looking competiton has been accepted for NewTown Writers yearly publication, Off The Rocks, which I’m delighted about, especially given the theme Taking Pride in the Past (“The New World” is set in 1945).

Anyway, that’s all my news for now. As always, I’m rewriting things, tinkering with other things.

Notes from the Margins #29

17 10 2015

So, I can be a bit rubbish for going to things, and lately I’ve been making myself go to more spoken word things and to compete in slams. I can sometimes find slams quite intimidating, and occasionally frustrating – I feel sometimes that I’m never sure what they’re looking for, but of course, it’s all relative and subjective.

Anyway, last night I took part in the FRESH Poetry Slam. Normally, I perform, get knocked out in the first round and watch the rest of the show – last night, I WON! I still can’t quite believe it! I was dancing at the bus stop on the way home and I looked quite the lunatic.

I’ve no pictures from last night (as yet, there was someone with a camera) so here’s a general pic of the lovely venue.


Notes from the Margins #28

13 10 2015

So, I can now tell you TWO of the aforementioned three things from my previous post.

Firstly, my poem Armature will be included in the anthology, The Myriad Carnival alongside such luminaries as Paul Magrs, Raymond Luczak and Evan J Peterson. The table of contents is below. There is no fixed date as yet, it’s out early 2016. It’s out on February 22nd, 2016, and you can pre-order it here.


Secondly, I am delighted to announce the birth of Chris Colby! Chris is my pseudonym for the romance/erotica genres and he will be in print for the first time, with his short story, Fancy Dress in Lethe Press’ forthcoming anthology, Threesome, which is out in March 2016 and you can preorder here.


As soon as I can announce my third bit of news, I shall do so, right here. In other news, there’s a couple of new poems that I’m really pleased with that I’ve written lately, which is great, but no major news apart from the above.

OH, here’s the info about this month’s WELL-VERSED. 22nd Oct, free, etc.

Notes from the Margins #27

6 09 2015

So, lots of things.

Firstly, I have THREE bits of good news but I can’t tell you ANY of them yet. As *soon* as I can, I’ll post about them here.

Secondly, I now have a Performances page detailing previous and upcoming gigs. I shall be performing next at The Monday Echo on the 14th Sep.

Thirdly, here is a video of me reading poetry from Pride (remember how I joked in the last post that this blog is sometimes on a three month delay….) reading Early Teenage Homosexuality. Feel free to share, link, reblog:

Notes from the Margins #26

14 08 2015

Wow, nearly three months since my last update. Although I’m convinced that I did post something between then and now, perhaps it got swallowed by the internet? (or perhaps I closed without saving?)

First things first, I have two new poems in Issue #9 of Glitterwolf (how beautiful is that cover!). It’s their Gender issue and I’m particularly happy to be opening the issue with my poem, Impersonation as Supplication, from my American G.I. project. As some of you will know, the main character of GI grows up in Pepperell, MA and local legend, Prudence Wright, saved the town from two british spies by dressing up as her husband, and organising a gang of other women to do the same. History – who needs fiction, huh?


Also included in this issue is Upon Seeing ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ which I wrote after seeing the Young Vic’s production with Gillian Anderson and Ben Foster in London last year. It deeply affected me and I was, as us Irish say, in a heap afterwards. This was the result.

In other news, the poetry night I co-host, WELL-VERSED, now has its own Facebook page, somewhere more centralised to post news and event pages to. You can find it here. This month’s event features Christy Gaffney and Chris Bradley – if you’re in Dublin, come!

My chapbook, How to Live When Life Subtracts, is up for consideration with the publisher of my dreams at the moment and I should hear in the next few weeks, so say a little prayer/kind word/offering/blood sacrifice for me, would ya?

Finally, I can’t announce it yet but I will have a short story published in an anthology, however, said short story will be under a pseudonym. All will be revealed (as soon as I can).

And that, apart from the news that I wrote a poem last week that I am absolutely in love with called A Life in Pictures, is all my news! See you again in three months (or, hopefully a lot less!)