– Novelist ‘Nathan Burgoine: “the emotional reality of [Circumference] is so spot-on that I lean back from the chapbook and feel a tremble in my chest. I remember this, I think, of events that didn’t happen to me, but so easily could have been” (Read the full review here)
– YA Novelist Deirdre Sullivan: “A historic love story between two star-crossed teenage boys” (Read the full review here)
Out in Print Queer Book Reviews: “Ward keeps his images sharp and his meanings clear, whether observing death or remembering how he came to live. This is work that scars as indelibly as the map etched on the skin of the cover model (a beautiful package credited to Inkspiral Designs). Highly recommended.” (Read the full review here)
Novelist, Poet, and Essayist, Jeff Mann: “The poems themselves are adeptly musical. Ward has a real talent for ingenious rhyme and memorable rhythms, and he creates all kinds of tight forms throughout the book that any sharp-eyed reader will discern. (…) The book reads like a compressed novel, brimming with passion, fear, sorrow, and regret. I was hugely moved and impressed by this chapbook. Buy it. You will be too.” (Read the full review here, or on Amazon here)
– Goodreads Review 5/5: “i could not put it down until I finished it out” (Read the full review here)
– Goodreads Review 5/5: “Circumference is a 5 star read from me and I highly recommend picking it up.” (Read the full review here)

PRESS FOR CIRCUMFERENCE: article talking about the inspiration for, and writing of, Circumference.
– Article on the book by GCN in GCN 342 (Read the full issue here)

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