– Circumference (a chapbook, published in August 2018 by Finishing Line Press. For reviews, see Press.)

– Carcass (a chapbook, forthcoming in 2020 from Seven Kitchens Press, as part of their Editor’s Series)


– Four haiku: ‘tiny ponytail’, ‘trying haiku’, ‘insulated heat’ and ‘the first time I asked’ in Better Than Starbucks (May 2020)

– Promiscuous in Peculiar #7 (t.b.a. 2019)

– Carcass in Animal (October 2019)

– Neurotic Break in Bleached Butterfly (September 2019)

– Greedy Girls in Skylight 47 #12 (September 2019)

– The Office Carpet: A Disaster Movie, Landmark: An Audio Guide, Kate and Gristle in SOFTBLOW (September 2019)

– Read Vegas Epithalamion on RTÉ Radio 1’s Arena, 20th June 2019 (listen here)

– Visible Threat in The New Verse News (June 2019)

– Accesso in The Honest Ulsterman (June 2019)

– The Ailment Ward in Bleached Butterly 1.1 (June 2019)

– Love Song in YesPoetry (June 2019)

Lifesaver in The New Verse News (June 2019)

– The No Campaign in the anthology Stonewall’s Legacy (May 2019)

– Apologia in Cordite #91: MONSTER (May 2019)

Date and Late Night at the Lethe in Wussy #6 (April 2019)

– Discord in HIV Here + Now (April 2019)

– An Avalanche, Interrupted and A Poem for Actors in the anthology Lovejets: Queer Male Poets on 200 Years of Walt Whitman, edited by Raymond Luczak (April 2019)

– Bus in Boyne Berries #25 (March 2019)

– Mobile Library in The Irish Times (Feb 2019)

– College Roommate in The Ekphrastic Review (Feb 2019)

– Ellipsis in Panning for Poems #10 (Feb 2019)

– Circadian in Visual Verse (Jan 2019)

– Kevin Spacey Watches the Final Season of House of Cards in The New Verse News (December 2018)

– The Lads in WUSSY (November 2018)

– The Doctors Say in Cordite #88: TRANSQUEER (November 2018)

– Under, Neat in HIV Here + Now (November 2018)

– Mitko Responds in Lunch (August 2018)

– Ten Steps to be Correctly Consumed by a City in Headstuff (June 2018)

– Zoetrope in Vast Sky #2 (May 2018)

– Freddie in HIV Here + Now (April 2018)

– A Life in Pictures in Poetry Ireland Review #124 (April 2018)

– Signal Deterioration in SCAB #2 (March 2018)

– The Pit in Your Stomach in Skylight47 #9 (November 2017)

– Monsters in the Closet in SCAB #1 (September 2017)

– Mother Tongue in The New Verse News (July 2017)

– Conjugate in Tincture #18 (1st June 2017)

– Dorsal in Animal Literary Magazine (May 2017. Online here)

– Bare on the Na(HIV)PoWriMo project (23rd April, 2017. Online here

– The Imaginary Friend in “It’s the End of the World as We Know It” series on Headstuff (Feb 2017)

– Basic Training in The Good Men Project (January 2017)

– Exemplar in Vast Sky #1 (December 2016)

– Local in Tincture #16 (December 2016)

 Blackbird in Studies in Arts and Humanities, Vol 2, No. 2 (December 2016)

Blue Boy in Assaracus #24 (October 2016, order from the publisher here, or Amazon here)

– Yggdrasil in the anthology Not Just Another Pretty Face (April 2016, Beautiful Dreamer Press)

Gown on the HIV Here & Now Project (17th March 2016, online here)

– Armature in the anthology The Myriad Carnival (Feb 2016, Glitterwolf Publications, order here)

– Resisting Existence in Tincture #13 (February 2016)

– The New World in Off The Rocks 19: “Taking Pride in the Past” (Dec 2015, NewTown Writers

– Motive, Murder and exposéd in Glitterwolf: Halloween 2 (October 2015)

– Impersonation as Supplication and Upon Seeing ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ in Glitterwolf #9 (July 2015)

– Night Sweats in Glitterwolf #8 (April 2015, reprinted Feb 2016 online at The Good Men Project)

– The Night It Was Decided That Dublin Needed A New Gay Sauna in The Wild Ones #1 (Jan 2015 – WordPress/Facebook)

Religious Education (i), Religious Education (ii) and Religious Education (iii) in Glitterwolf #7 (Jan 2015)

– Revenge in Glitterwolf: Halloween Special (October 2014)

A School Photograph in Storm Cellar (August 2014 – pre-release ebook here / pre-order print here – also now featured on their website here with the full poem as pdf here)

The Full Deck in Out of Sequence: The Sonnets Remixed (Online August 2014 from Upstart: A Journal of English Renaissance Studies – link to my poem here – link to the index of poems here / Out later in 2014 in print from Parlor Press)

Next Town Over Kid in The Good Men Project (July 2014 – link to poem here)

– Late Night Television in the Afternoon in Glitterwolf #5 (Feb 2014, Print Edition / Ebook Edition)

– Mongrel in Emerge Literary Journal’s Winter 2013 Volume II (poetry issue, Dec 2013)

– Seven poems in Assaracus #11, July 2013
(The FamiliarPeriodThe SaunaTurkish DelightMary and the Marlboro ManCut-UpEarly Teenage Homosexuality)

In 2017, I founded Impossible Archetype, an international journal of LGBTQ+ poetry.
There are two issues per year, and they are viewable as a free pdf on our website here.


– Second in t.b.a (2019)

– Fancy Dress (as Chris Colby) in Threesome: Him, Him and Me (March 2016, Lethe Press)

Dear Sixteen Year Old Me in Glitterwolf: A Letter To My 16 Year Old Self Special (April 2015) 

The Next Village in Jonathan #6 (Sep 2014, Sibling Rivalry Press)

Reconnaissance in the Queer in Brighton anthology (Co-published by New Writing South and Photoworks, Feb 2014)



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