Nightlight (a full-length collection, forthcoming from Salmon Poetry in May 2022)

Carcass (a chapbook, forthcoming in April 2020 from Seven Kitchens Press, as part of their Editor’s Series)

Circumference (a chapbook, published in August 2018 by Finishing Line Press. For reviews, see Press.)

AWARDS: (see this page for more info)


– Threads in Banshee #11 (Sep/Oct 2020)

– Four haiku: ‘tiny ponytail’, ‘trying haiku’, ‘insulated heat’ and ‘the first time I asked’ in Better Than Starbucks (March 2020)

– Public Displays of Affection in Boyne Berries #27 (March 2020)

– The Swamp in The Honest Ulsterman (February 2020)

– How to Get a Head in Advertising and Swordswallower in The Queer Body, a YesPoetry chapbook, edited by Joanna C. Valente (Jan 2020)

– Her Gaze in Visual Verse (Jan 2020)

Two haiku: ‘hunched over’ and ‘rain like a threat’ in The Bamboo Hut (Jan 2020)

Six haiku: ‘Dublin this morning’, ‘summer rehearsal’, ‘scarf the length’, ‘clouds landscaping’, ‘a sluggish cd’, ‘a September chill’ in Eastern Structures #12 (December 2019)

Promiscuousin Peculiar #7 (December 2019)

Haiku/Tanka sequence: ‘dreamt a starring role’, ‘body drugged’, ‘oceanlight’, ‘the duvet swaddles’ and ‘festival launch’in What Rough Beast (November 2019)

Turkish Bath in HIV Here + Now (November 2019)

Two haiku: ‘summer rehearsal’ and ‘a sluggish cd’ in Failed Haiku 47 (November 2019)

Exam in The New Verse News (October 2019)

Carcass in Animal (October 2019)

Neurotic Break in Bleached Butterfly Vol 1.2 (September 2019)

Greedy Girls in Skylight 47 #12 (September 2019)

The Office Carpet: A Disaster Movie, Landmark: An Audio Guide, Kate and Gristle in SOFTBLOW (September 2019)

– Read Vegas Epithalamion on RTÉ Radio 1’s Arena, 20th June 2019 (listen here)

Visible Threat in The New Verse News (June 2019)

Accesso in The Honest Ulsterman (June 2019)

The Ailment Ward in Bleached Butterly 1.1 (June 2019)

Love Song in YesPoetry (June 2019)

Lifesaver in The New Verse News (June 2019)

The No Campaign in the anthology Stonewall’s Legacy (May 2019)

Apologia in Cordite #91: MONSTER (May 2019)

Date and Late Night at the Lethe in Wussy #6 (April 2019)

Discord in HIV Here + Now (April 2019)

An Avalanche, Interrupted and A Poem for Actors in the anthology Lovejets: Queer Male Poets on 200 Years of Walt Whitman, edited by Raymond Luczak (April 2019)

Bus in Boyne Berries #25 (March 2019)

Mobile Library in The Irish Times (Feb 2019)

College Roommate in The Ekphrastic Review (Feb 2019)

Ellipsis in Panning for Poems #10 (Feb 2019)

Circadian in Visual Verse (Jan 2019)

Kevin Spacey Watches the Final Season of House of Cards in The New Verse News (December 2018)

The Lads in WUSSY (November 2018)

The Doctors Say in Cordite #88: TRANSQUEER (November 2018)

Under, Neat in HIV Here + Now (November 2018)

Mitko Responds in Lunch (August 2018)

Ten Steps to be Correctly Consumed by a City in Headstuff (June 2018)

Zoetrope in Vast Sky #2 (May 2018)

Freddie in HIV Here + Now (April 2018)

A Life in Pictures in Poetry Ireland Review #124 (April 2018)

Signal Deterioration in SCAB #2 (March 2018)

The Pit in Your Stomach in Skylight47 #9 (November 2017)

Monsters in the Closet in SCAB #1 (September 2017)

Mother Tongue in The New Verse News (July 2017)

Conjugate in Tincture #18 (1st June 2017)

Dorsal in Animal Literary Magazine (May 2017. Online here)

Bare on the Na(HIV)PoWriMo project (23rd April, 2017. Online here)

The Imaginary Friend in “It’s the End of the World as We Know It” series on Headstuff (Feb 2017)

Basic Training in The Good Men Project (January 2017)

Exemplar in Vast Sky #1 (December 2016)

Local in Tincture #16 (December 2016)

Blackbird in Studies in Arts and Humanities, Vol 2, No. 2 (December 2016)

Blue Boy in Assaracus #24 (October 2016, order from the publisher here, or Amazon here)

Yggdrasil in the anthology Not Just Another Pretty Face (April 2016, Beautiful Dreamer Press)

Gown on the HIV Here & Now Project (17th March 2016, online here)

Armature in the anthology The Myriad Carnival (Feb 2016, Glitterwolf Publications, order here)

Resisting Existence in Tincture #13 (February 2016)

The New World in Off The Rocks 19: “Taking Pride in the Past” (Dec 2015, NewTown Writers

Motive, Murder and exposéd in Glitterwolf: Halloween 2 (October 2015)

Impersonation as Supplication and Upon Seeing ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ in Glitterwolf #9 (July 2015)

Night Sweats in Glitterwolf #8 (April 2015, reprinted Feb 2016 online at The Good Men Project)

The Night It Was Decided That Dublin Needed A New Gay Sauna in The Wild Ones #1 (Jan 2015 – WordPress/Facebook)

Religious Education (i), Religious Education (ii) and Religious Education (iii) in Glitterwolf #7 (Jan 2015)

Revenge in Glitterwolf: Halloween Special (October 2014)

A School Photograph in Storm Cellar (August 2014 – pre-release ebook here / pre-order print here – also now featured on their website here with the full poem as pdf here)

The Full Deck in Out of Sequence: The Sonnets Remixed (Online August 2014 from Upstart: A Journal of English Renaissance Studies – link to my poem here – link to the index of poems here / Out later in 2014 in print from Parlor Press)

Next Town Over Kid in The Good Men Project (July 2014 – link to poem here)

Late Night Television in the Afternoon in Glitterwolf #5 (Feb 2014, Print Edition / Ebook Edition)

Mongrel in Emerge Literary Journal’s Winter 2013 Volume II (poetry issue, Dec 2013)

– Seven poems in Assaracus #11, July 2013
(The Familiar / Period / The Sauna / Turkish Delight / Mary and the Marlboro Man / Cut-Up / Early Teenage Homosexuality)

In 2017, I founded Impossible Archetype, an international journal of LGBTQ+ poetry.
There are two issues per year, and they are viewable as a free pdf on our website here.


Fancy Dress (as Chris Colby) in Threesome: Him, Him and Me (March 2016, Lethe Press)

Dear Sixteen Year Old Me in Glitterwolf: A Letter To My 16 Year Old Self Special (April 2015)

The Next Village in Jonathan #6 (Sep 2014, Sibling Rivalry Press)

Reconnaissance in the Queer in Brighton anthology (Co-published by New Writing South and Photoworks, Feb 2014)

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