Saliva (2011)


Held against her will, in accordance with her celebrity father’s wishes, nineteen year old Glau is impatiently whiling away the hours being taught how to read the Tarot by her mother’s spiritual consultant, Polly. Plus it’s only two weeks since her mother’s suicide; tensions are running high, and secrets are on the verge of being discovered with the turn of a card.

Saliva is a smart, chilling modern update of the Greek myth of Glaucos and Polyidus, written by Mark Ward and directed by Emma Weafer.

Saliva was presented in the Irish Theatre Shorts programme in the 2011 International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival from the 9th – 14th May 2011.



Tarot, secrets, lust and taboo make for mouth-watering intrigue in Mark Ward’s latest offering “Saliva“. This dark tale is of the daughter of a recently deceased celebrity being incarcerated against her will by her late Mother’s former mystical confident. What unfolds is a tale of mythology and mystery. Well directed (and lit) by Emma Weafer, the dialogue is intense and totally focussed in its delivery by the “Angelica Houston like” Shani Williams (Polly) – sexy and striking in black. Her young subject is Glau (Grace Kelley), a a perfect ingenue whose familial connection will be used by the occult to communicate with her dead mother through a tarot reading. This atmospheric script is a little overdone on the mythology but the dialogue is plausible and defined on the core dramatic purpose. The characters are plausible and the story is well told by this accomplished young shorts playwright. The achievement of creating a powerful atmosphere is jointly shared by this talented company and their stylish and atmospheric short play.


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