Notes from the Margins #26

14 08 2015

Wow, nearly three months since my last update. Although I’m convinced that I did post something between then and now, perhaps it got swallowed by the internet? (or perhaps I closed without saving?)

First things first, I have two new poems in Issue #9 of Glitterwolf (how beautiful is that cover!). It’s their Gender issue and I’m particularly happy to be opening the issue with my poem, Impersonation as Supplication, from my American G.I. project. As some of you will know, the main character of GI grows up in Pepperell, MA and local legend, Prudence Wright, saved the town from two british spies by dressing up as her husband, and organising a gang of other women to do the same. History – who needs fiction, huh?


Also included in this issue is Upon Seeing ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ which I wrote after seeing the Young Vic’s production with Gillian Anderson and Ben Foster in London last year. It deeply affected me and I was, as us Irish say, in a heap afterwards. This was the result.

In other news, the poetry night I co-host, WELL-VERSED, now has its own Facebook page, somewhere more centralised to post news and event pages to. You can find it here. This month’s event features Christy Gaffney and Chris Bradley – if you’re in Dublin, come!

My chapbook, How to Live When Life Subtracts, is up for consideration with the publisher of my dreams at the moment and I should hear in the next few weeks, so say a little prayer/kind word/offering/blood sacrifice for me, would ya?

Finally, I can’t announce it yet but I will have a short story published in an anthology, however, said short story will be under a pseudonym. All will be revealed (as soon as I can).

And that, apart from the news that I wrote a poem last week that I am absolutely in love with called A Life in Pictures, is all my news! See you again in three months (or, hopefully a lot less!)