Other Works

Impossible Archetype

Founded in 2017, Impossible Archetype is an international journal of LGBTQ+ poetry which I edit. Publishing two issues per year, it features the best and brightest LGBTQ+ poets working right now. You can read all of the issues, for free, here


I regularly perform under the name Fake Plastic Steve on Dublin’s alternative cabaret/drag scene and am one of the members of the underCURRENT ensemble.


After many years, music has now fallen by the wayside for me of late.

My main music project was Where is This, a harsh noise project, mostly active from 2007 – 2014 that worked within many noise/experimental genres. Just don’t be expecting “music”.

I also ran a small independent noise music label, Bored Bear Recordings, which has released more albums than I can count off the top of my head since its inception in 2009 (last count upon going away to check is 52). It’s on hiatus (most likely permanently) at the moment.

I have an electronica side project called Where You Last Left It which has yet to release any music, but has performed live a number of times. You can hear some of it here. I recommend starting with this one.

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